Model of Tomorrow by Sapphire-Models

Saturday 2nd of April 2016, almost 3 month after the start of the successful castings all around Slovakia (Kosice, Zilina, Banska Bystrica, Nitra and Bratislava) organized by Model of Tomorrow,  Sapphire-Models presented the 10 finalist and new models, Michaela Hriñová did an stunning job as moderator of the event in Atelier Babylon,  Bratislava, Slovakia.

The 10 Models of Tomorrow are (from left to right):

Veronika S, Theresa N, Sofia H, Dominika H, Denisa T, Sona S, Ema K, Lucia B, Emma T & Lucia T.

Sapphire-Models opened the event presenting the models with black outfits, simply because black is a powerful color for slow catwalk, that allows to the audience to focus in the face and walk of each model.

The 10 models where shine by their elegance and beauty, Lovely Look - beauty atelier was in charge of the make-up and hairstyle of the event doing an stunning job and taking care of each detail, bringing to light the beauty of each model.

After the presentation of each model, the fashion show started with the fabulous designs from Terézia Feňovčíková.

Terézia is a student of Fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava with big potential and continues creating outstanding designs.

Every inch of every look was impeccably done. From the white pearl  dresses covered in silver - gold colors or black shin pants combined with colorful vest, Terézia even found a way to make an impressive futuristic coat into a luxe and formal dress.

Jenny Jeshko presented a new collection that resonated on an international level. All of her designs are designed and produced in Slovakia, Jenny transport us to different countries with her HappyCityHippie collection 2016 that added an extra layer of  power to the show.

In this occasion Jenny Jeshko reminded us the Baroque - Punk - Elegance that her collections always have had and literally transport us to an elegant trip around the World with the colors and textures.

Jenny Jeshko specializes in unique embroidered handmade goods, fashion accessories, collars, handbags, clutches.

In the artist department Alejandro Ortiz and Ema Kremska transformed the stage in to a luxury concert of songs in spanish and english, performances that captivated the guests

The 10 finalist  of the event are already winners from the castings from all around Slovakia, Sapphire-Models will develop them and colocate them all around the Word in order to start and grow in their modeling careers, thanks to Model of Tomorrow 3 of the finalist are starting their modeling career as follow:

Theresa N. will be shooting for Jenny Jeshko in Mardid, Spain for her Summer Collection  2016.

Lucia B. will be shooting for Riana Collection in Barcelona, Spain for their Collection  2016.

Lucia T. will be shooting for Atrspin  in Vienna, Austria for their opening campaign in Europe 2016.


Model of Tomorrow and Sapphire-Models will like to thank all the guest and specially all partners involved in the successful event.