Santiago González-Jáuregui Díaz


Brand Manager /





Veronika Kreuzerova profile

Veronika Kreuzerova

Head of Scouters


  2W Atelier - Photography

2W Atelier - Photography

Andrea Vlckova profile

Andrea Vlckova

  Matej Hutta  - Photography

Matej Hutta  - Photography

Monika Kreuzerova profile

Monika Kreuzerova

  Pavol Gemeiner    Photography

Pavol Gemeiner


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Sandra Tomasikovic


  Olena Zaskochenko - Photography

Olena Zaskochenko - Photography

We are a Model Mother Agency,  specialized in the scout, development and management of models on an international scale. Which with the accumulation of over ten years of experience across our management team, throughout several countries around the World.

Our business approach has taught us that an extraordinary develop of the best talent around the World, in conjunction with our dedication and focused drive, is the foundation for success.